Sunday, April 15, 2007

Experiments Of A Free Mind

so thats that...i woke up today and realized that the chaos was gone from my mind...there is nth left suddenly as it came,it it was that simple after all...ah atleast i can focus on getting better n slamming my head against those books...yes...i've resorted to aarons attempts of osmosis studying...only because i have no idea how else to study java programming....of all d dumb courses i could have taken,y did i have to choose that???ah least its only 1 semester...

as far as d experiments part go...i actually attempted to post this particular post in a foreign language...but after translating it to different languages and then bk again to english as wut u ppl wud have done to read it...i realized that the content was completely skewed n made not much sense wut so ever...n cud in fact have given d wrong i decided to stick to

well...dats all for now...shall go n do my work...which is wut u bums shud b doing instead of reading this....any excuse to get away from work will do wont it?u lazy slackers...although im also one of them realize im rambling