Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 2

Lenggong - Pulau Banding, Belum Rainforest Reserve

pulau banding is this tiny island in the middle of lake temenggor...still in perak...belum forest reserve has been there for ages...but the resort they are building there now is only jst in its starting there really is much to do there if ur on a budget...even the cheapest thing to do costed rm50 per person...and all we did was ride in a boat around the island n go see a was a beautiful forest and lake...n it was well worth d rm50 spent...

the view of the lake from the resort

view of the lake


after the tour we returned to the room to just chill in the afternoon cz it was getting really hot...later in the evening when the sun was kinda going down, we made our way to the orang asli settlement near the resort...nobody actually lives is the site where 3 local heroes who worked for the british army used to stay when they battling the communist threat..


dinner area

trail leading to and away from the settlement

n 3 will be continued at another time...hehe...tmr i leave for penang for yet another holiday!!!!:D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

East Coast Road Trip with Mum I

Day 1 : Ipoh to Lenggong

in case ur wondering y we chose to go to lenggong...its cause thats where the perak man was found...apparently he was the earliest remains found of a person with a genetic defect...he himself wasnt really that interesting...but the rest of the stuff there i found really for example he stone toolls they used to carve their hunting weapons with...and the clay pots n cooking utensils they used then that we still use today in the absence of electric blenders...

some of the rocks on display

the clay pots n bowls used back then

the view of tasik raban from the resort we stayed in (it was really really crappy)

lata kekabu...a waterfall near the tasik

Day 2 will come in the next least that gives me a few posts worth of