Sunday, May 18, 2008


yes...its been a really long time since i blogged cause i've been busy with exams and my internship...came across this in struck a cord in me...i've linked them at the side here...placed even before my picture n profile which has always been 1st in my blog side bar...

here is a bigger version of the link and the video...

free download

u noe why it struck a cord with me?


i was BORN in malaysia
i was RAISED in malaysia
i have traveled across the world
but malaysia will always be my HOME


i m not an indian or a melayu or a chinese.

no other country in the world can be my other country in the world i would die for...

yes...we're a young and imperfect nation compared to the other superpowers in the world...

but we ARE a NATION nonetheless.

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