Wednesday, December 10, 2008

East Coast Road Trip with Mum I

Day 1 : Ipoh to Lenggong

in case ur wondering y we chose to go to lenggong...its cause thats where the perak man was found...apparently he was the earliest remains found of a person with a genetic defect...he himself wasnt really that interesting...but the rest of the stuff there i found really for example he stone toolls they used to carve their hunting weapons with...and the clay pots n cooking utensils they used then that we still use today in the absence of electric blenders...

some of the rocks on display

the clay pots n bowls used back then

the view of tasik raban from the resort we stayed in (it was really really crappy)

lata kekabu...a waterfall near the tasik

Day 2 will come in the next least that gives me a few posts worth of

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