Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Take On Heaven and Hell

disclaimer: this is my blog..n these r my thoughts...if they offend u, im sorry...but if think leaving sum mean comment or death threat is gonna make me change my post..U R WRONG!!so piss off.

this is my take on heaven and hell...honestly think abt it...who wud b dumb enough to take on God rite?realize also that catholics refer to to lucifer as the fallen angel..not the y is this?here is what i think....

one day, God came to lucifer...he came to lucifer because he knew among all the angels in heaven, lucifer was the most loyal n devoted of them all...he knew that lucifer would do nething for God n all God had to do was ask it of him...n God knew that of all the angels, lucifer was the only who had the strength to do this upcoming task..

so God says to lucifer "Lucifer, i need to put the delinquents from earth sum where...i cant let them into heaven because it would disrupt the eternal peace promised to the good people from earth...but i cannot simply place them anywhere because they mite rise against me."

to which lucifer replies "then God, what would u have me do?"

God looks at lucifer with pain in his eyes and says "Lucifer, i noe u r loyal to me...more than any other angel here. so i ask of u this...take ur most trusted generals and plot an uprising against in that upraising. the result will be that u will be banished to a place called hell..there, u and ur generals will rule the delinquents and ensure that heaven stays peaceful. can u do this for me?"

"Yes." replies lucifer...knowing that for his loyalty, not only him, but all of his most trusted generals were being banished from heaven...

so thay plotted and carried out Gods plans....they failed in the uprising as planned and were banished to hell...there they sat n ruled for many generations...until one day....

a man came down to hell...lucifer had heard of him...God had told lucifer of this man...this man walked into hell with a group of soldiers...he did wut no one had ever done before...he challenged lucifer...n there was war...a war which lucifer lost...his generals thrown down...n this new man took the throne of hell with his overlords...n he gives himself the title of "The Devil".

then quietly, he tells lucifer "God sent me from earth...he said u have suffered enough for him. the time has come for u to return to heaven n take ur place beside him. u,the most loyal of all his angels, will be rewarded beyond ur imagination. go now n take ur generals with u. go home to where u belong. hell is mine to watch over now."

lucifer looked surprised. he did not noe wut to say. finally he said "thank u. returning to heaven is already a reward beyond my imagination, i dont need another reward." he then took his generals n returned to heaven, to God with his arms opened wide to receive them.

every few generations...God picks a mortal...he makes that mortal go through hell on earth..n he shows the mortal the path to finding his own that when the mortal crosses over, he can walk into hell n relieve the current devil of his duties. to tell the devil that it was his time to carry on his journey n go to up to heaven to take his place beside God..n then the mortal will sit on the throne of hell with his overlords and wait for his replacement to arrive...

i have seen hell on earth...i have walked through the fires...and i have found my gernerals...u noe who u r....together we have been u noe wut awaits u have the strength to follow through?do u have the strength to carry out Gods wishes?search urself n search ur soul and u will find the answer..

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Anonymous said...

Can I go to heaven after I die?
I lazy to work for God leh after so many years on earth LOL